80 Minutes of Regulation Vision/Mission

(posted 7/14/2011; backdated appropriately)

While I have known it intrinsically for as long as the 80 Minutes blog and podcast have existed, I saw fit recently to verbalize the vision and mission of these media. Find them below.

Vision: 80 Minutes of Regulation strives to be the leading and most sought-after source in opinion and reaction related to sports and marching/athletic music.

80 Minutes of Regulation seeks to provide opinion and reaction to news in sports and marching/athletic music. Through the 80 Minutes of Regulation blog, 80 Minutes (Give or Take) podcast, and the related Twitter feed, Facebook page, and Google+ page, 80 Minutes of Regulation will provide insight that other outlets covering these topics may not, including amplifying information related to the lesser-covered topic of marching/athletic music. 80 Minutes of Regulation will be at its best when drawing parallels between occurrences in sports and marching/athletic music that outlets specifying in one area or the other would likely miss.

Usage note: The use of the compound term "marching/athletic music" is by design; because drum corps, marching band, and pep band are all covered, this term best encompasses each of these similar but distinct ensembles. The term athletic music--the precedent for which is in titles like athletic bands at colleges and universities--serves a two-fold goal. The first is that it denotes marching and pep bands, which are typically paired with athletics programs. The second speaks directly to the performers in marching band and drum corps; while I have never claimed that marching band/drum corps is a sport, it is undeniable that in the highest performing of these ensembles, the members are athletes.