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Band on the Road

Welcome 80 Minutes of Regulation readers, band nerds/heads/dorks/aficionados, college football fans, and anyone else who may have stumbled by!

I invite you to participate in the Band on the Road Project. Now in its eighth year, the goal remains to create as comprehensive as possible of a database of college marching bands who are traveling to away games this year. While I'm admittedly approaching it from a band nerd perspective, I think it's valuable information for my fellow college football fans as well; when traveling to away games, it's nice to know if your band will be there serving up a little slice of home.

Here's where you come in: At this point, I've done all I can do with band schedules that are available online; some are not yet updated. I would love for you to help out by adding band travel that you know of at this point to the overall list.

I started with the BCS auto-qualifying conferences - Power 5 conferences now - out of ease of scope, not slight. I started this as one man, and bit off a manageable chunk. Because of the meaning marching bands hold for the HBCUs, I've also included all classics. By all means, if you've got intel on non-AQs, FCS schools, or even Division II or III programs, feel free to add them.

I'd love your help in making this as comprehensive as it can be. Please add if you can, or share it with folks who may be able to. Thanks!

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